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Conditions of sale:

All sales are made in accordance with our standard conditions of sale, current at the time orders are accepted. Specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

Product warranty:

Eines CANELA will repair or replace any of its products, which in its judgement, are found to be defective in material of workmanship. All claims must be made in writing within thirty days after receipt of product. No claims for labor or damages will be allowed. In no event shall Eines CANELA be liable for consequential or special damages of any kind.

Intellectual property rights:

The intellectual property of the catalogue tools and special tools belongs solely and exclusively to Eines Canela.

Special tool quotation:

Orders for special tools must be confirmed in writing before manufacturing can begin. Special items and non-stock standard items cannot be cancelled or returned for exchange or credit.

Delivery terms:

Badalona. Full transportation costs will be charged to the buyer. Specify shipment to be made by other than regular means of transportation.


Claims for loss in transit must be made against the transportation company. The foregoing shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedies of the customer and are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, including nut not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness.


No merchandise will be accepted for return after 30 days of shipment. All returns must be pre-paid and must be accompanied by our Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. This number must appear on the outside of the box. Merchandise must be received in good condition or will be refused. This website contains information and specifications concerning cutting tools sold by Eines CANELA.

Although some of the cutting tools made from carbides are very tough and resist breakage, most are brittle and special safety precautions are required when using them. Small fragment and chips may be thrown from a cutting tool when a fracture occurs. Since these fragments or chips are thrown at very high speeds and are very hot, contact with the skin or eyes could cause severe injury. Also, the grinding of these cutting tools will produce fine carbide and cobalt or nickel dust which may be harmful to the lungs. Listed below are some suggestions on how to minimize the potential for injury while using cutting tools. For more information about the product hazards and safety precautions that must be taken to minimize the possibility of injury while using cutting tools, please call your 

Eines CANELA Sales Engineer. Eines CANELA has no control over use of these cutting tools. The user must determine the suitability of these tools in their particular application.

WARNING: Very hot chip fragments may be thrown from cutting tools at very high speeds. These chips can cause severe burns, cuts or punctures to the skin, or damage to the eyes. The following are some of the safety precautions that must be followed by operators and observers while using cutting tools:

  1. Make sure that the insert size and shape are adequate for use to which it is being put.
  2. Chip control is necessary to prevent a continuous chip catching in the workpiece.
  3. Chips are very hot and have sharp edges and should not be moved by hand.
  4. Turn off the machine whenever chips are removed or when the cutting tools are changed.
  5. Do not use air hoses to blow chips away from the machine.
  6. To prevent tool breakage use the correct size toolholder.
  7. Make sure that the overhang on the toolholder is as short as possible. Too much overhang can result in chatter and tool breakage.
  8. To prevent the workpiece from coming loose during use, be sure the workpiece is tight and secure in its holder.
  9. Overloading of tungsten carbide cutting tools may cause fractures of these tools.
  10. A slug may be ejected at high speeds during drilling.

To protect the operator and observer from possible flying objects which could result in severe injury, the following protective devices should be worn or used while using cutting tools:

  1. Wear hard hats.
  2. Wear safety glasses with side shields.
  3. Wear closed shoes with steel toes.
  4. Keep protective enclosure on machine in place during operation.

WARNING: Grinding or finishing carbide produces fine carbide and cobalt or nickel dust. This dust may cause injury to the lungs. Operators and observers must take the following safety precautions to minimize the possibility of such injury:

  1. Use with adequate ventilation.
  2. Maintain the dust or mist level below recommended levels.
  3. Avoid breathing dust or mist. If not possible, wear appropiate respirators, particularly when grinding tungsten carbide.
  4. Minimize prolonged skin contact.
  5. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

WARNING: Use of cutting fluids and work materials create hazards. Be careful at all times.

  1. Keep the cutting fluid clean so no particles can be carried back across the workpiece and possibly scratch it.
  2. Cutting fluids may catch on fire when exposed to high temperatures generated during cutting.
  3. Work materials such as aluminium, magnesium, uranium and titanium are flammable and could catch on fire.
  4. Cutting fluids should be treated or replaced to reduce bacterial levels which may cause illness.


Speeds, feeds and grade information within this catalog are for reference only. If the operator does not feel safe using our speeds, feeds and grades, then the operator should use what is comfortable to him or her. Eines CANELA is not responsible for any damage or injury that occurs using the speeds, feeds and grades information within website.

Conditions, terms, and prices are subject to change without notice.

Any typographical or other error in this website is subject to correction.